Hello my name is Kathryn
Welcome! I'm excited to share a little food for thought with you.  I started this blog posting last Lent Season and have decided to come back and share little bit more. I've been on a faith journey for many years and over the last few years I was inspired, pushed, and encouraged to share some of my personal devotionals.  I'm dyslexic, so you will have to excuse any grammatical or spelling errors. For a while the devil had me to believe that being dyslexic disqualified me to share my heart.  But God always equips the called and provides grace for our race.  
I'm in love with my job as a college soccer coach in Houston, TX. I've been blessed to have the opportunity to coach at a few different places in Georgia, Alabama and now here at Texas Southern University. It is truly my platform to inspire, encourage, and mold the next generation.  My athletic college experience had its twists and turns, but I firmly believe that's why God has used me to change these young women's lives.   
I first began by writing down inspirational pregame speeches. Over time, my girls and companions told me to keep track of them. A little over two years ago I was asked to write a daily devotional for a Christian Public Servant email blast.  Just before Christmas of 2014, we had a book published and one of my devotionals was in it. Around that time, a close friend asked for help in his faith journey so I started writing devotionals for him.  Over time I have shared them with a few people and now I am stepping out on faith to create a place where anyone can find some real-life, Bible-based food for thought.  
I'm not perfect, as you will come to learn.  However, I believe it's about the journey.  I hope to bring light, life, and hope to your journey as well.  As we do life together, I hope you find encouragement and insight!